Customer satisfaction is one of our largest priorities. We strive to provide the best experience for all our clients. Here are a few words from some of our recent clients

C&R Express has been the shipping partner to Market Focus Direct for the last 10 years! Note that I refer to them as partner and not a supplier as that is type of service they provide. They treat you like a partner or an extension of their business. They will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your needs are met. They don't come to you with issues; they come to you with solutions if a problem does arise! They provide a great level of professionalism and trust that I appreciate immensely! Thanks for all do for us C&R!

Sylvia Guenther
Business Director

Key to the success of T.C. Transcontinental Printing Brampton is the syncing of long term vision, communication of this direction, establishing required standards, training and employee consensus.
This involves increasing customer base i.e. greater involvement with out customers in attaining their needs and goals. We believe their success is key to our precision in accurate dynamic forecasting and investment expenditure. We believe collective input is the ingredient which fosters longevity in this challenging economy. This is our methodology of being current and relevat in our market niche.
This is an acknowledgement of your seventeen years of exemplary transportation and storage services. Your competitive pricing and precise on time deliveries have made the difference to us and our customers.
You provide a reliable twenty four hour service and a detailed method of processing distribution shipments to final consignees. Thank you for your diligence and alignment of vision over the years, it has been a pleasure

Antonio Delpino
Distribution Manager